Accessory Arms

Accessory Arms

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2" square accessory arm for AmeriBrade 272 belt grinder. 

Note: One accessory arm and flange comes with the AmeriBrade 272. Additional arms are only necessary if you add on additional grinding accessories and want a dedicated arm for each accessory.

If you purchase a small wheel holder with a flange mount, you do not need to order another flange with your arm. You can purchase the arm only.

If you are buying an arm for any other accessory, contact wheel or platen, you will need the arm and flange.


15" Long

Black oxide coated

1/4" wall thickness

1/2-13 threaded holes, 1.5" apart

3/4” spindle mount with adjustable rotation and offset

3/4” shaft collar to save offset adjustment

Accepts the following attachments:

  • Tilting Platen

  • Contact wheel

  • Small wheel holder

Flange Option:
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