Aluminum Drive Wheels

Aluminum Drive Wheels

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  • material: aluminum 6061 T6

  • 4" or 7” outer diameter

  • 2.5" wide

  • optional bore size

  • 3/16" keyway

  • crowned

  • 1/4"-20 set screw included

4" Drive Wheel versus 7" Drive Wheel (Pros and Cons)

4" considerations: 

  • Pro: Lower Cost

  • Con: Lower belt speed (3800 feet per minute @3600 rpm) does not remove metal as quickly

  • Pro: lower belt speed prevents burning while working with wood and allows for small wheel usage on single speed grinders

7" considerations:

  • Pro: higher belt speed (6600 feet per minute @3600 rpm) removes metal faster and more efficiently

  • Con: Must be slowed down with a variable speed drive in order to prevent damage to bearings on wheels under 1.5" diameter in a small wheel holder

  • Con: Higher Cost

bore size:
Outer Diameter:
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