Ameribrade 272

Ameribrade 272

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PHOTOS FOR REFERENCE ONLY. The grinder will come with whatever motor and accessory options are chosen. Read below for details.

Make selections for all options to see pricing.

All motor and VFD options are American Made.

Single Speed Motors have a 7/8" diameter keyed shaft.

Variable Speed Motors have a 5/8" diameter keyed shaft.

!!Attention!! Due to high demand, all grinders currently have a 3 week lead time.

VFD can be wired for 110V or 220V (***VFD outputs 1.5hp when wired for 110V***, 220V outputs 2hp)

VFD cannot be run on a circuit with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). The drive will trip the GFCI

All package options include:

  • Blue Powder-Coated steel grinder frame

  • Bolt on motor mount (fits all base mount motors with Nema 56, 56H, or 145T frame sizes)

  • 4" aluminum tracking wheel

  • One Black Oxidized accessory arm

  • Tilting Platen Assembly, OR 10” Contact Wheel, OR Small Wheel Holder

    • If Small Wheel Holder is chosen, it will come with One Deflector Wheel. Additional Deflector wheels can be purchased by adding a 2 inch contact wheel to your cart.

    • platen, contact wheel , or small wheel holder option chosen after adding the grinder to your cart

    • Tilting platen assembly includes two aluminum platen wheels (2" diameter)

About Work Rest Option:

  • If you choose “YES”, the grinder will come with a standard sized work rest (9.25” wide x 5” deep) attached to a work rest arm and it does not need to be purchased separately.

  • If you choose “NO”, the grinder will not come with a work rest, but you may add a standard or oversized work rest to your cart separately.

Drive Wheel:
Work Rest:
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4" Drive Wheel versus 7" Drive Wheel (Pros and Cons)

4" considerations: 

  • Pro: Lower Cost

  • Con: Lower belt speed (3800 feet per minute) does not remove metal as quickly

  • Pro: lower belt speed prevents burning while working with wood and allows for small wheel usage on single speed grinders

  • Note: We recommend this size for single speed grinders

7" considerations:

  • Pro: higher belt speed (6600 feet per minute) removes metal faster and more efficiently

  • Con: Must be slowed down with a variable speed drive in order to prevent damage to bearings on wheels under 1.5" diameter in a small wheel holder

  • Con: Higher Cost

  • Note: We recommend this size for Variable Speed Grinders


Wheel bearings are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have bearings go bad within the first year, please contact us to arrange an exchange. 

For local pickup, we will arrange a time and date for pickup from 6988 Bandicoot Trail, Oak Hills CA 92344 after receipt of order. Please provide an accurate email address and phone number at checkout

If you supply your own motor we suggest the following motor specs:

Power Range: 1.5 hp to 3 hp

Speed: Greater than 3000 rpm

Frame: Base Mount Nema 56 frame (5/8" keyed shaft) other foot mount frame styles will require drilling your own bolt pattern

Enclosure: TEFC or TENV

The motors supplied with our grinders are the following:

Leeson 1.5 hp #120130

Leeson 2hp #116761

Leeson 3hp #120341