Silicon Carbide Belts (2" x 72")

Silicon Carbide Belts (2" x 72")


From Combat Abrasives:

"S181 – Recognized in the abrasives industry by its black color, this is the hardest and sharpest manufactured abrasive grain. This is the only coated abrasive that will cut through hard or brittle surfaces such as glass, marble, tile, granite, carbide or hardened finishes. The finer grits are ideally suited for finishing on many surfaces and hardened metals." 

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For a general simplification, the abrasive material is a trade off between quality and cost. Aluminum Oxide is the most affordable of our options, but it is the least durable. The most durable of our options is the ceramic but it is also the most expensive. The zirconia option is a trade off between the two. We also offer Silicon Carbide for finer polish grits.

Check out this video on youtube for more information