Small Wheel Holders

Small Wheel Holders

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  • CNC machined aluminum small wheel holder
  • Aluminum Mounting Bracket compatible with Ameribrade accessory arms (using two 1/2" bolts) as well as other standard KMG style top mount accessory arms (using two 3/8" bolts)
  • Mounting Hardware (two 1/2-13 bolts and two 3/8-16 bolts)
  • Black-Oxide-coated-steel deflector wheel bracket (regardless of deflector wheel quantity option chosen)
  • Small wheels NOT included at this time


  • One or Two Rubberized deflector wheels (2" smooth contact wheels) to decrease the incoming angle of the belt so you can reach into tighter places


  • Compatible with KMG style small wheels using R6 bearings
  • Accepts wheels anywhere between .25" diameter and 3" diameter
  • Wheels smaller than 1" diameter that use R6 bearings should not be run at full speed with a 7" drive wheel. A speed controller should be used to decrease the speed of all small wheels to a point that bearings do not become hot to the touch during use.
  • Always adjust tracking by hand before starting your grinder
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Small wheels are not yet available from AmeriBrade. Small wheels will need to be purchased separately from a supplier with KMG style small wheels using R6 bearings. AmeriBrade Small wheels will be available soon.