Small Wheels

Small Wheels

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Small wheels for Small wheel holders

  • Material: Turned, Ground, and Polished 1045 steel

  • Rubber coating only available in 1” diameter for now

  • Any wheel that is 3/4” or larger will come with standard R6-2RS bearings. They will fit our small wheel holder as well as any standard KMG style small wheel holder.

  • Any wheel that is smaller than 3/4” comes with R188-2Z bearings to allow for higher belt speeds. These will only fit in an AmeriBrade small wheel holder. They will not fit in standard KMG style small wheel holders. Our wheels in this range are specifically designed to handle more than twice the belt speed compared to standard small wheels of the same size. (See Chart)

Surface Material:
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Safe Belt Speeds for Various Small Wheel Sizes [feet per minute (fpm)]

For Reference: At 3600rpm, a 4" drive wheel moves a belt at 3800 fpm and a 7" drive wheel creates 6600 fpm