AmeriBrade founders, Eric Aube and Keven Roark, have always been known for trying to do more with less. Both have worked as designers for large aerospace and manufacturing companies, which exposed them to what quality machinery looks like and the joy that comes from using nice tools. However, in their home shops, they had to deal with the frustration of working with sub-standard tools. With a love for all things mechanical, a tiny budget, and encouragement from friends, they decided to create their own version of the high dollar belt grinders they've always drooled over. The result was a simple but robust design. Enthusiasm from everyone who saw their prototypes made it clear they were not alone in their frustrations at the price of similar products. They decided they had to make their grinder available to everyone who shares their passion to build on a budget. They are fueled by a vision of offering a variety of affordable performance machinery in the future.